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Kennedi Books Animals
from the Sea Series:


Beautifully Illustrated Books

Every picture within each book is in itself a piece of Art.
Our illustrator is an Artist from Anna Maria Island FL that Hand Draws every illustration!

Emory’s Memories

From the mighty Kenland jungle, an adventurous elephant escapes, read about Emory, her busy day, and all the friends that she makes.

The Jungle is Missing a Roar

From the caves of Kenland Jungle, a lion named Roary planned his day, to use his roar to help others and make new friends along the way.

Hank he’s a Hippopotamus

Hippo named Hank, who loves running and playing around the river bank. Learn more about Hank and the friends that he found, when he stumbled out of the jungle and into a town.

Ocho the Octopus

Under the sea and into your home, its Ocho the Octopus and he’s on his own! Learn about the name, what Ocho likes to eat, and how he plays and hides by beautiful coral reefs.


A baby dolphin is born and ready to learn, As it watches and listens and waits for a turn. A baby dolphin will learn from its momma and friends, By watching and practicing, over and over again.

New Book

Hi everyone, it’s me Kennedi!
I am so excited to share that an Animals from the Sea series has been making a huge splash, as we introduce our latest book release.


a book with a child builds a loving bond

Life gets busy, and it has become the new normal to depend on others to teach our young the life skills necessary to survive in this ever-changing world. I am challenging all of our Kennedi Book families to seize this moment.   Sit down with your children and instead of flipping the channels on the family screen, flip through the pages of a book.  

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Making reading

Kennedi Books is all about bringing the joy of reading back into your homes.   Reading is the fundamental learning tool that will make or break a childs self worth, a child’s self esteem and a child’s eagerness to take on more challenging quests in life. We as parents are the key players in what tools our children will have in their tool box of basic needs. In order for a child to accept this learning opportunity from this new and improved family time, the lesson must be presented in a fun and relatable fashion.